Fayette County Public Schools is committed to building a community “Where Excellence and Creativity Merge.” The Community for Creativity encourages engagement inside the classroom and beyond.

Community for Creativity schools create an ecosystem which embraces a mindset which is student driven, exploration centered, flexible and collaborative.  Each school uses research-based practices focused on the student transfer of knowledge to creatively solve problems.  Program offerings and initiatives within Community for Creativity schools vary by location, and are unique to each campus.  This allows school individualization built on the strengths and unique culture of their community, students, and faculty.  Examples of school initiatives include: 

  • Passion projects in student's interest area with the guidance of faculty and industry mentors
  • Arts Integration and/or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities
  • Installation of school collaboration/ performance spaces
  • Exploration of creative careers through career modules and development of student e-portfolios
  • Cross-departmental projects and immersive experiences involving guests from community organizations, higher education, and industry


Community for Creativity at Rising Starr Middle School, established Fall 2018 Unique Campus Offerings: Creative Industries focused on Technology & Engineering, Music & Recording, Art & Design, Film & Television

Community for Creativity at Flat Rock Middle School, established Fall 2019
Unique Campus Offerings: Sustainable Communities, using a STEAM framework to explore Alternative Gardening & Food Sourcing, Urban & Ecological Frameworks, Renewable Energy & Power Generation, Transportation & Mobility

Community for Creativity at Peeples Elementary School, established Fall 2020
Unique Campus Offerings: Foundational development of skills in storytelling, transformational uses of technology, engineering and design, communication and collaboration.

Vertical Alignment

Students who desire to create new ideas, concepts, and content draw from combined expertise in the intellectual, technical, and creative areas. Across the district, unique opportunities that promote creative thinking exist throughout K-12 classrooms. Check out @fayettecreates on Twitter, where we feature the amazing work that is happening throughout the school system!

At the high school level, sectors in the creative economy can be explored through a combination of academic, fine arts, and career and technical education (CTE) coursework as part of a customized schedule built on the individual interests of students. Check out Fayette’s career planner for more insight into the breadth of offerings available, and to learn more about how we are preparing today's students for tomorrow's careers.