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Fayette County Public Schools Community for Creativity is school reimagined.

We're changing the way students engage in the classroom. We value each individual's ability to create original ideas, concepts, and content to better themselves and the world around them.

Classroom conversations change from "What are we learning about" to "What are we creating today?"

Adopting Fayette's Portrait of a Graduate as our north star, the Community for Creativity positions students as productive citizens by connecting to their individual passions and purpose. We do this through a shared mindset that is student driven, exploration centered, flexible, and collaborative. Each school's model is individualized by teachers and leaders to meet their unique community and classroom needs.

Student Driven

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FRMS can art

Exploration Centered

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Check out the unique student perspectives of students involved in the Community for Creativity pilot program:

Fayette County Public Schools is committed to building a community “where excellence and creativity merge.” The Community for Creativity mindset highlights the grassroots implementation of this vision in the classroom and across the district.

  • Georgia Tech Research Institute

    Our system has an outstanding partnership with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) which provides access to GTRI researchers and industry professionals through technology demonstrations, lab tours, interviews, professional learning opportunities for teachers, and remote and in-person interactions. This collaboration...

  • Woodruff Arts Center

    The Fayette County Public School System has benefited immensely from a unique initiative with the Woodruff Arts Center that is engaging teachers and students of all ages across the system. Thanks to a generous anonymous grant donation in 2014, Woodruff...

  • Pinewood

    An exciting and innovative initiative has been developed by Pinewood Atlanta Studios and the Community for Creativity at Rising Starr Middle School. The program is called “Pinewood Presents: A Look Inside,” and is focused on providing students a first-hand opportunity...

  • Hopewell United Methodist Church

    Hopewell United Methodist Church in Tyrone has engaged with students K-12 in various garden projects, supporting hands-on learning in a diversity of STEAM subjects.  Most recently,  in 2020,  a collaborative, long-term Food Forest project was established, building a creative, flexible...

  • Malt Maker Media

    As part of the Community for Creativity pilot program, students at Rising Starr Middle School partnered with Malt Maker Media to learn firsthand about video production. In addition to this opportunity, several students are continuing to work with the company...

  • Stage Academy of Music

    The Stage Academy of Music partnership began with Rising Starr Middle School in 2013. In an effort to connect his music and recording studio meaningfully with the local school system, owner Brad Confer developed the RockFriday program to bridge the...